In the tree of life

This is inspired from something I read on the Internet thanks to this quote, consisting of God’s words spoken by the prophet Isaiah in the coming of Christ:

“Behold, my servant whom I have chosen, my beloved with whom my soul is well pleased. I will put my Spirit upon him, and he will proclaim justice to the Gentiles. He will not quarrel or cry aloud, nor will anyone hear his voice in the streets; a bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not quench, until he brings justice to victory; and in his name the Gentiles will hope.” Essentially, a human disposes something that is no longer useful.

I wish to begin with something that occurred the night before. I was driving to my girlfriend’s place and, having activated my signal, stopped to turn into the parking area. Oncoming cars were passing, and it wasn’t long until I advanced forward to start the turn. All of a sudden, a car, facing the same direction as I, sounded his horn as he stood next to me. I discovered that he was behind me and was trying to cut me off by entering into the adjacent lane where oncoming traffic had passed. Once I entered into the complex, he sped forward impatiently with this air as though I’d done something wrong when in fact it was he.

At any rate, this isn’t about who is right and who is wrong. My girlfriend told me later that there are some who are simply not well inside: it isn’t a question of health but rather of broken self-esteem. There is no single person out there who is better off or worse off than anyone else; and I do mean no single person. Jealousy stirs when someone is famous or rich, living a comfortable life – and then the age old irony comes forth in which this subset of humans is not well inside. For them, it is a matter of living a feigned existence through palpable circumstances. In the case of the rich, they come off as beautiful, glimmering. And then those who are not rich may have an air that is not so appealing. What makes any person better than anyone else? No one is better than anyone else.

I do not like this qualitative scale. We are all happy and we are all suffering. That is that. I do not believe that everyone is completely in the latter, for such a life is impossible. Therefore, as I stated in my previous post, we must learn to accept both the good elements and the bad: to not be a slave to either one completely. Balance is important.

For me, it is through love that I live. For quite some time, I had not fancied the human race and preferred to be alone. I still prefer it, but my love for humans grows more and more. I am getting better, and no matter the impatient fellows on the streets or the gloom dripping down some faces like sweat and tears, I continue to love humans as much as I can without judging anyone.

This means that, when it comes to being kind to others, there is no logic, no statistic that should lock up a heart’s desire to be heard. One time, I spoke to my mother how someone had helped a blind man up from the ground because he’d tripped in the middle of the street as cars were waiting. One man had come to help, and my mother, though sympathetic towards such a kind deed, said that he could very well have faked it so as to do some unlawful thing, like stealing the man’s money. I am certain that the last thing that man thought about was the possibility of being robbed. The heart and mind are meant to complement one another; if logic were to overpower the heart, that blind man would not have been saved. It really does come down to balance, knowing that even if the man were robbed, he had money in his pocket and was able, unharmed, to give it to someone. Life moves on after that.

But what can we take from our experiences as life moves on? What can we do when there are those with a cup of bitter juices squeezed arduously by impatient, trembling fingers as they take whatever fruit can be found from the ground? To live life is to climb the tree and make the effort to retrieve finer fruits, because that is how life should be lived. Life should not be lived easily. To climb a tree requires effort, knowing that some branches will not be as strong, or some will just be out of reach, but you must continue. You must. And when a community of kindness spreads in the tree of life, someone will be there to help you to a distant branch or to keep you from falling.

That is why I have learned to be better when it comes to my faith in humanity. Because I know that as I continue to help others, through anything at all that I can do, it will strengthen a branch upon which someone else will climb later. And through my experiences, no matter what they are and no matter what comes forth, I can help someone who may be climbing well and needs help to reach a distant branch. I will be there for my loved ones with all my heart and soul, and I will be there for other humans as much as I can.

My cup is not the same as others, though the taste from one cup to the other may be all too familiar. We all have our respective experiences, our respective joys and woes, and those experiences will bring bitter times as we drink the cup we are served, but we must have faith, fellow humans. =) We must help those who are in need and those who are not. We must help ourselves within so as to serve humanity with the respect that they deserve. Respect one another and continue to climb, helping others along the way. That is a life we must all procure some how. =)

“Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad, for the tree is known by its fruit. You brood of vipers! How can you speak good, when you are evil? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The good person out of his good treasure brings forth good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure brings forth evil. I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”
– Matthew 12:33-37


To each his inner known

For quite some time, I have had the sense of being one with my inner spirit. One space. Water dripping to my face like ripples to a puddle. I would feel almost translucent sometimes when I take a shower, relying on the water to fill me within. One time, I was in a pretty simple hotel room, modestly priced, just somewhere to stay so I could travel. There wasn’t an elevator, and that wouldn’t be so bad except that my duffle bag was pretty heavy. So I climbed quite a few flights of stairs to arrive to my room, but I was thankful when I felt my heart flitting behind my chest. No matter the good and challenging times, we must be thankful for what we have, from the lungs with which to breathe air to the heart with which to feel each gasp, each wheeze, each time the chest recedes to the ribs with each breath.

After I’d dropped my belongings in my room and relieved myself of my clothes, I walked over to the shared bathroom for that floor and locked the door. Paths of water traveled down my skin like veins of a water sprite. I felt imbued by it, soaking every callus from hard times, every wrinkle from moments of stress. On that evening, I went down on my knees, as there were no means to keep myself from slipping. There was also no support for the hose, so I held it between my clasped hands in prayer. I was thankful to be alive, thankful to feel with my heart and with the receptors beneath my skin. This means accepting the challenging moments as well.

Like an epiphany I realized that, even though I’d always known it and still do, I found myself taking things for granted. I have shelter to protect me from the storms. I have my family whom I love ever so much. I have, after much time and subsiding avidity, a girlfriend whom I love — and my love for her grows like a flower in winter; we have our respective issues, but one of us seems to pull through to help the other. Before she and I even met, I’d made a vow that I would be content with what I have now — my health, my family, my shelter, my writing, my job — without the need for a woman in my life. I was willing to live that way, knowing that I would be happy and make myself so without entering into desperation and temptation, as some do when a mate is lacking. I put myself in an inner state of knowledge so that I could be better within and without.

And I know that the struggle persists. It’s irrevocable. I still continue to shower in that way sometimes, kneeling beneath the cascading water, making myself endogenous with the water that drapes me like a veil. No matter how good things become or how difficult they are, we mustn’t forget about how good it is to be stronger than the former self. The veil drapes me from above, and I become a cocoon, a shell impenetrable until I may grow wings and soar in noble change; and I know that with newly-given wings I will fall. It happens when the wings grow hard and unstable. Tension builds and the lightness needed to fly grows cumbersome, and we fall. Then the cycle repeats.

But faith, fellow humans, is when we soar yet again, and each time we soar higher and longer than the last. And time is on a different axis altogether. I speak not of the rotation around the sun but, rather, of the sun within us. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s because it is oh so important to not let the light fade, for if we do not persist as the earth rotates, the sun will not rise from the night.

So what does this have to do with kindness? Everything!

I love to do what I can to help the humans around me – everything from opening a door and offering a seat to speaking kind words. However, there is the classic phrase: the best thing one can do is nothing. I do whatever I can to help because I love it, but you needn’t do as much if you don’t want to. It is how we place ourselves in a crowd; just as a heart is cradled in the centre of our bones, so too do we bcome our best selves without having to try so hard to be accepted. We need to think of ourselves and not concern ourselves with what others think. Obviously, we have those who are important in our lives: family, relatives, guardians, loved ones – I’m referring to unconditional love, something that requires no persistence.

I knew that I would find something right away when I googled an author of whom I am quite fond, Paulo Coelho, who wrote in his book “Aleph”:

“Don’t be intimidated by other people’s opinions. Only mediocrity is sure of itself, so take risks and do what you really want to do.”

There is also another quote that I like:

“Only two things can reveal life’s great secrets: suffering and love.”

I pray under both of those circumstances. Love persists when there is a reason for it to persist. At one point – not that evening but another time – I prayed vehemently, and it has led me to change for which I am greatly thankful, for love overpowers the suffering. Therefore, I am thankful for both. It took me quite some time to be thankful in that way, and I know that there is so much more to experience. We must be ready. After all, we become a product of our inner self. So nourish it rightly with the goodness it so deserves, and the result will be revealed for all to see on the outside like a butterfly in Spring time.

Keep the faith, fellow humans! =)

This is what my heart sounds like…

I absolutely love this piece and I have a connection with this piece. I literally feel as though my heart bounces up and down like a basketball in a confined room. And I find myself jumping up and down like the room! 🙂

I was listening to the final movement of Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto in my car on the way home from work. I couldn’t resist. Here you have it, everyone. Please watch and listen to this. 😀

What a Lovelitastic bunch of views

In one month, 186 pairs of eyes have witnessed this blog. 🙂

The word “lovelitastic” is one I often use in my vocabulary most rightly to convey joy, for each view towards this blog is like a drop of succulent honey from a blazing sun. From my heart, I mean every word, and if I were in a vast forest, I would see fresh, green leaves, trees more gargantuan than city buildings, and birds singing melodies in commemoration of what is to me an auspicious week. 🙂

Thank you most kindly for viewing my blog. Whether you are a passing set of eyes or a follower like some, we all have one thing in common: a heart. And with it we may spread kindness just as I and others have done, whether in big or little ways. Do what you can and may this blog be a lovely reminder of the little things that bring big hopes for a bright, sunny sky with fantastic colors tinging the vast skies.

To be frank, I also wish to put up excerpts of my works some day, being an aspiring writer, when the number of followers/frequent visitors goes up higher. This is a pursuit inexplicably pertinent to my heart, and I am oh so happy that I can do something that favors both my heart as well as the hearts of others who come through here.

My utmost respects to you, fellow humans! =)

Don’t shut the door! Even if you’re letting in a draft.

I rather felt something when reading the definition of a draft. It is defined as a current of air in an enclosed area.

There was a period of time in which I felt quite alone. My family was overseas and the few friends with whom I had some resemblance of a rapport were not really people with whom I wanted to be when I felt alone. So I went to a bar and, with a glass of red in one hand, read a book. I like to read. When I was in high school, I hadn’t fancied such things. I was reading because it was necessary.

I love to read and I love to write also, which is why I do it. I love to make people happy and I love to write about the things I do. That is why I started this blog. It’s my journal of kindness. As I continue to do things, I will share them with others because we need to know that, as much as such gentle energies can be reached, it is just a breath of fresh air. The beauty of kindness is that there is no logic or reason to it. It is as natural as breathing air. I’ve come to realize something, and it partly has to do with something I’d done when my family wasn’t with me during a period of time.

I liked to open doors for people. When I was feeling down or confused or just taken aback from the work I was doing, one of the things I did was open doors for people. It made me feel good. There was a cinema in the middle of town — the only one, really — and I’d noticed that the doors were rather heavy for some people to open. I don’t know the science of it, but I gave it a try myself when I first went to that cinema, and it was like pulling a suction hose from its socket. Then, like the hose unhinged from the hooks of air pockets wedged inside, the door just jerked open.

I held it open for one person. Then a couple more. And sometimes a bunch of people passed through, almost each and every one of them with a smile.

“No, no, it’s okay. I have the door here opened for you.”
“Do you work here?” some asked me.
I ducked my head, a little abashed, and humbly said no. “I just want to spread kindness. That’s all.”

It was the way I did it, too, I’m sure, because I would slightly bow my head and bid them enter or exit with a crook in my arm.

I felt so good and I’m sure that I just gave them a nice bit of fresh, unexpected air. I could see it in their eyes when they looked at me with this surprised, and sometimes confused, look. It’s confusing because within the atmosphere are different people with different beliefs. Isn’t it frightening when there are those who find such acts of kindness foreign and unusual?

I find that when one is rude, it’s like storing air greedily in one place where no living creature may enter. Rudeness is suffocating, really. Yes, there is evil in the world, too, but it is superimposed with good. It is, I believe, even exceeded by good. Someone told me once that when a prisoner escapes, we must have the faith that he will not harm us.

I don’t know where such air-thieving fiends exist. I, as we all do, may sense it somewhere in the street, almost like a sixth sense. It’s not fair to bring harm to any single person, and it is unfortunate that one should receive harm for his or her ill-gotten ways because there’s always a choice.

The prisoner bit is a bit of an extreme, but even in the degree of having an argument with a loved one, or the coming of jealousy or of spite, remember that the heart doesn’t beat faster so as to shout louder; rather, the heart is telling us to stop it!

So let us not be unheeding when a heart beats so. Let us open the door of our hearts and embrace our respective purposes, for inside is a treasure most solemn and valuable and enduring through difficult times. And sometimes, some people lose strength, so let us help them to open their doors, too.

We all have a reason to live. We all breathe the same air. Open a door for someone and bow your head to them respectfully. I assure you that a large percentage of them will love it, just as they have shown it to me. =)

Happy St. Valentine !

To all humans, during our presence here we must be kind and sincere, gallant and revered both within and without.

May you experience joy, for truly it comes from within, from the difficult times transfigured anew. Whether or not you have found your better half, you must be content within yourself where true happiness may manifest. For it is from within that through your heart and soul and to others in your life, wondrous energies will reside. Always.

I write truly, fellow humans, from my heart and know that we can do it. We can all be truly warm in the circumstances we face. Keep the Faith!

My utmost respects to you all! =)

“I’m never going to be nice to anyone again…”

This is something that I heard as I was working. I felt slightly hurt by this. It almost felt as though someone peeled off a piece of bark from a healthy tree, yet it felt quite a bit easier than it would to pull bark.

I actually feel sad about this. What more, the person laughs afterwards as though what she’d said before were mere words like, “Oh, you are so dead,” or “I’m gonna kill you for this.” People don’t mean it, really. They are just words, but merely saying them to myself brings a quiver inside me. I do have a bit of an emotional sensibility, but I am strong…like a tree I would say even. 🙂 Essentially, we are no different from a tree, but words do hurt. It’s like a petal or leaf that falls like a tear in our hearts.

So she probably didn’t mean it, but those particular words are unnerving for those who take them quite literally. They think to themselves, “Yea, why should I be nice to anyone? What good does it have in my life?” Well, the fact is that this type of fulfillment should not be the element which drives us. We are rewarded through hard work and faith, nobly putting our efforts where they count and using our financial gain for good. A kind deed, though requires work in itself, is quite different; it does not result in a new car or more money (it might sometimes, but that shouldn’t be the primary goal). After all, spiritual wealth doesn’t astutely count its pennies to the last copper.

I know that life is tough, and sometimes we just can’t help but say such words. It reminds me of a commercial I had seen in which girls were gathered in their flock, and they were making fun of one little girl who was carrying her books through a corridor at school. The words vacated their lungs and quite literally slapped her and pulled her against one of the adjacent lockers.

Just now, the office manager came by offering hangers to those who had probably requested them, because they were in need of them. She didn’t have to do it. Or, well, she really did have to do it so as to maintain a good image in the business. This moment of having to do something so as to look good is like the scenario with rewards coming forth as a primary focus. If there is goodness within that, even a little would suffice, drives us to do something for others, then the outward image is already there, coming forth in a pristine, beautiful, and gallant manner without having to try.

Essentially, one can say that one does not have to do anything, but this is not the way. Really, the coming of such aforementioned words, as that woman had done, should be the equivalent of torpor. Her lips moved, she had a moment of strain, agitated within most probably, but that’s all. Moments pass. Life moves on. We become better.

I suppose it is the inevitable cycle. Autumn comes in which leaves fall, and then the winter snow comes forth with its cold, but snow has its beauty. Eventually, the flowers come in bloom, the seeds we sow become a means in which bees may pollenate and senses may be satisfied with such floral presence and pleasantly emphatic aroma. We must all become better, no matter the person and their ways.

May we be the coming grace of gentle snow through the cold we face. May we come in full bloom and become better in the change through which we go. May we evade the bullies of society, no matter their torpid efforts, for that is all they really are and will ever be.

Keep the faith, fellow humans! =)