GoBe foundation’s Challenge day (spread the love)

God Bless such loveliness! =)

This was their message for Challenge day on Thursday, March 6th, so that they could raise money for the launch of their Pilot Program in Kenya. More details on that in my previous post.

Do you have plans on Thursday, March 6th? You might want to cancel them now. Because for 15 straight hours, we are going to do anything you tell us to do. We are going to take videos of ourselves doing it. And we are going to post it all – raw and unfiltered.

On Thursday, March 6th, from 9am – midnight (EST), we will surrender ourselves to your every wish and desire.

Challenge #13: We did barefoot jumping jacks in the snow.
Challenge #5: We rapped about cats.
Challenge #9: We performed a public rendition of “What does the fox say?”

My favourites:
Challenge #2: Hug a stranger
Challenge #5: Convince a stranger that you have an invisible pet
Challenge #11: Leave kind notes for 50 strangers

You can watch full Challenge Day videos at http://www.youtube.com/gobefoundation


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