More humans in my journey of life

Two very different men

One time, I went to dinner one evening and was simply mesmerized from the wrinkles chiseled around his stern lips to the blade slicing at precise and indecisive moments. It is the reflection of many years of experience with different fish and meat. He knew where to cut and how to do so, which skin to keep and which to discard, and it was all being prepared right there within sight. Each meat/fish was prepared and put on respective orders, and I entered a trance as I watched him. No one was able to get the attention of my conscious state, because I had a rapport with him and his craft.

Another time, a woman served dinner to my girlfriend’s family and I and I gazed upon her with melancholy as she darted about from one table to the other. She smiled and appeared friendly to customers, but I felt something inside her. She was sad. Something had happened.

“She seems sad,” I shared with my girlfriend, “and I know she is. I can feel it.” I almost cried, wishing I could do something for her. “If it were socially acceptable, I would go up to her now and give her a hug.” If I were to do that, I just know that neither she nor I would utter a word. It wouldn’t be necessary. “In her culture,” my girlfriend added, “they’re not accustomed to that.”

And well, it’s true, isn’t it. That server is Chinese, yet it doesn’t matter from what part of the land we come. It seems that there are things that are simply not practiced any more. One guy even mentioned to me once through another blog how kindness is not the social norm any more. It really doesn`t seem to be, does it.

My girlfriend and I made a sort of superficial comparison between Canada and the United States, albeit the facts from them, but no research was conducted to be certain or precise on the matter. Basically, parts of the United States and many parts of Europe, if not all, have it right on the button. Etiquette courses are instilled in the school system so as to learn to carry oneself respectfully to one’s loved ones and strangers alike. If one does not learn it at home, then why not the one place where most children tend to go.

Jesus said that, without being able to quote precisely, it is easy enough to love your family, but it is quite another to love strangers in the same way.

Essentially, no matter how different we all are, whether we are a server in a restaurant, a butcher behind a counter in a respectable restaurant, an accountant, a lawyer, a writer, a construction worker, a beggar, when we are stripped of these things, we are all humans. We all have a heart with which to feel. If humans are of the contrary nature, then something is wrong. Something was not properly instilled or recent events have changed that person’s views towards wrong and unnecessary thoughts and opinions. It needn’t be this way. Why should it be?

There is one more man whom I unexpectedly encountered on the road. I was signalling for a right-turn, and when the way was clear, the front bumper of my vehicle partly entered the adjacent lane where a car was passing through. I honestly don’t know how much of my car entered the adjacent lane. I really don’t think it was much, but at any rate the sound of his horn was highly merited. Then, but a second later, as I look astutely ahead of me to find my next turn, he burns his tires on the asphalt to come next to me and sounds his horn. Incessantly his car horn blew to me as his hand dug into his wheel. I neither looked at him and his face nor paid any mind to the highly inexcusable driving that he portrayed. Silly human. He should not have done that. Why did he do that? My girlfriend and I came to the conclusion that something had occurred in his life; or perhaps it was a combination of things that, at the point of my encounter with him, reached its boiling point.

You know what I wish. I wish that it may be socially acceptable for me to go to that poor human in the car, the woman in the restaurant, the beggar on the street, the two very different men in my aforementioned linked post and to give them all a hug. For some time, I have had this irrefutable desire to go to humans and to give them love in some way. I find the embrace with arms to be the most beautiful of human contacts – and I do mean this, whether it is with a stranger or with the ones we love.

And we may embrace good habits, too, so that no matter what happens in our lives, we may keep the faith and not be taken aback by the poor humans who submit to negative influences and, ergo, become negative themselves. May we transfigure the negative moments to positive ones. May we embrace humans as well as good habits laced within our contact without. May we keep the faith, fellow humans! =)


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