A man in his birthday

My heart and I smile warmly with a fervent desire and a lovely after effect from that which kindness brings.

I read a billboard with flashing text below some ad. Gosh, I don’t recall exactly what was written, but it was something along the lines of:

“Plant the kindness, gather the love.”

Isn’t that lovely? And on a billboard. Thank heavens for it!

After that, I eventually found myself at a car repair shop where I took in my car. As I took out my things to put it into a temporary rented car, covered by insurance, a man entered quite upset.

“It wasn’t my fault,”
“Yes, sir. The other person hit you.”

The situation seemed pretty grave. He had awoken at around 4am for a five hour drive with his family. I suppose that, what I gathered from his frustrations, he had gotten into an accident. Thank God he and his family were alright, but he wasn’t happy.

“And on top of it all, it’s my birthday,” he added gloomily.
“It’s going to be okay, sir. Keep the faith.” I put my hand on his shoulder as I spoke those words and tapped it three times. “And Happy Birthday to you.” He turned around from my friendly touch and said, “thanks,” but he was distracted. He just seemed down and disheveled, I imagine from the early awakening, and displaced himself away from the service desk.

Many things were going through his mind, I’m sure. I don’t expect any one of them to consist of that which I did for him. We can only do as much as we can, neither expecting anything in return nor even a thread of remembrance from this moment.

So what is the point?

There were some people around me who surely witnessed what I’ve done so that they may learn. Because when we do things within the witness of others, then they may try it themselves. 🙂 And I know it’s not necessarily easy to do. I admit that I felt a pang of timidity as I reached out my hand to his shoulder, but my heart pressed on. Then there is God, for whom I and others do these things. I do these things to love humans as much as I can such that I may love God through them. In this way, we may be felt with a special touch, like rain on dry skin.

It is not my place to say anything, only that the sad man and we all should remember what we have. We have shelter to keep us warm and food to sustain us, while spiritual nourishment — from heavenly rain, gloomy evenings or sunny days — fulfills our inner need.

We mustn’t forget what we do have, even when life causes us to lose things we no longer do have.

Whether I hit my car against a wall from a narrow way in a garage or lose my job amid an otherwise nice day, both of which have occurred within the past month to me, I mustn’t lose myself and concern others in a negative way. No one should do this. I’m keeping the faith and I pray as I continue on my path. This job wasn’t my path. It is elsewhere.

It is the storm within that brings bitter rain to others without. Faith is not bitter. Faith is beautiful. It does not bring bitter rain, only that which we make of it from our own thoughts.

Keep the faith, fellow humans! =)


Awww, cute. :)

Hello, fellow humans! Apologies for the late post. I have stories to share of the things I’ve experienced in the realm of kindness and look forward to sharing them. And I would like to share my writing, but I like to share moments, so here is something I rather like.

I was in the elevator this morning, and as I looked up to the full-length mirror, I saw a toy lady bug dangling from the hem of my pocket. My girlfriend had given it to me as a gift, and after quite a bit of time, I can’t help but to look at it with a warm and gentle feeling from my heart.

Now, I’ve mentioned this before how I like cute things. I find it interesting how some humans would perceive another as feeble or simply strange because of his or her ways. I was walking with my girlfriend to her school and I hopped up and down a bit like a kangaroo because I’d put gloves in this pocket on the front of my hoody. She thought it was cute. I like to be entertaining. 🙂 A man near me looked at me with this disapproving glare, and I continued on my way. It was only a second, but it was no mistake. His demeanor only lacked in the superficial observations he made of me, but we all do what we can. A single glare to another can be changed to that of kind and hopeful intentions when two others come forth with smiles and kind words.

“After you, miss.”
“Oh, thanks.”
“You’re welcome.”

There’s always a door to open, a kind word or two (or more) to say, and a friendly gesture given in some way or another. It may not seem like it sometimes, but I think that the kindness bug is spreading. We only do what we can, and it will propagate. I like this image, with rays of yellow sun, glazed in honey dew, entering through the open curtains; and a gentle kiss is given to the human awaken from his slumber, erecting the wrinkled blanket from nightmares. The night dwellers will not have their way. Goodness will succeed. 🙂

I look forward to posting on here, to read your comments and/or emails, and thank you for reading me. I look forward to reading you as well. Keep the faith, fellow humans! =)