Awww, cute. :)

Hello, fellow humans! Apologies for the late post. I have stories to share of the things I’ve experienced in the realm of kindness and look forward to sharing them. And I would like to share my writing, but I like to share moments, so here is something I rather like.

I was in the elevator this morning, and as I looked up to the full-length mirror, I saw a toy lady bug dangling from the hem of my pocket. My girlfriend had given it to me as a gift, and after quite a bit of time, I can’t help but to look at it with a warm and gentle feeling from my heart.

Now, I’ve mentioned this before how I like cute things. I find it interesting how some humans would perceive another as feeble or simply strange because of his or her ways. I was walking with my girlfriend to her school and I hopped up and down a bit like a kangaroo because I’d put gloves in this pocket on the front of my hoody. She thought it was cute. I like to be entertaining. 🙂 A man near me looked at me with this disapproving glare, and I continued on my way. It was only a second, but it was no mistake. His demeanor only lacked in the superficial observations he made of me, but we all do what we can. A single glare to another can be changed to that of kind and hopeful intentions when two others come forth with smiles and kind words.

“After you, miss.”
“Oh, thanks.”
“You’re welcome.”

There’s always a door to open, a kind word or two (or more) to say, and a friendly gesture given in some way or another. It may not seem like it sometimes, but I think that the kindness bug is spreading. We only do what we can, and it will propagate. I like this image, with rays of yellow sun, glazed in honey dew, entering through the open curtains; and a gentle kiss is given to the human awaken from his slumber, erecting the wrinkled blanket from nightmares. The night dwellers will not have their way. Goodness will succeed. 🙂

I look forward to posting on here, to read your comments and/or emails, and thank you for reading me. I look forward to reading you as well. Keep the faith, fellow humans! =)


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