GoBe foundation’s Challenge day (spread the love)

God Bless such loveliness! =)

This was their message for Challenge day on Thursday, March 6th, so that they could raise money for the launch of their Pilot Program in Kenya. More details on that in my previous post.

Do you have plans on Thursday, March 6th? You might want to cancel them now. Because for 15 straight hours, we are going to do anything you tell us to do. We are going to take videos of ourselves doing it. And we are going to post it all – raw and unfiltered.

On Thursday, March 6th, from 9am – midnight (EST), we will surrender ourselves to your every wish and desire.

Challenge #13: We did barefoot jumping jacks in the snow.
Challenge #5: We rapped about cats.
Challenge #9: We performed a public rendition of “What does the fox say?”

My favourites:
Challenge #2: Hug a stranger
Challenge #5: Convince a stranger that you have an invisible pet
Challenge #11: Leave kind notes for 50 strangers

You can watch full Challenge Day videos at http://www.youtube.com/gobefoundation


GoBe Foundation

I am most honored to introduce to you the GoBe Foundation. It is a non-profit organization co-founded by a dear friend of mine. It is a lovely example of what can happen when one’s heart goes for the greater good. =)

GoBe Foundation’s pilot program for Kenyan teens is set to launch on April 10th!


It all started on a ski lift…
Last January, Jonny and I were swinging our skis and chatting about the shortcomings we’d seen while working with nonprofits and teen programs around the world. Our chat soon turned into an impassioned conversation about the kind of programs we wished we had when we were teenagers. By the time Jonny flew back to his job in Malaysia a week later, we’d planted the seed for the GoBe Foundation.

It took a year of planning and thousands of unpaid hours (plus a lot of juggling Skype calls around our 12hr time difference), but we’re now an established non-profit! With project partners in Kenya and the U.S., a Council of Advisors, a Teen Council of Advisors, a group of Kenyan coaches, and a ton of supporters, we’ll be running our first program GoBe StartUP in Kenya this April. This pilot program will be training 40 young Kenyans in entrepreneurship + storytelling. Ultimately it’s about creating a mindset – training young people to believe in their ability to build their own great lives. You can read about it here.

You are an important part of this movement. Donate to see GoBe StartUP take off this April! Click here: gobefoundation.org/donate

We’re inspired to work with high schoolers because we remember exactly what it was like when we were that age. You probably remember the feeling – when your brilliant / creative / exciting  ideas for the future started to compete with the difficult realities of adulthood. In this period, young people are faced with the choice to accept someone else’s idea of success – or create their own.  What you choose to do during these moments – even more, what you choose to believe – affects everything about your future.  GoBe StartUP is cool, but it’s really the start of something much bigger! We’ll be using the impact studies and success stories from this program to build relationships with other foundations, organizations, and corporations, and to bring GoBe programs to young people around the world.  We’ve got a big vision in mind – but we’re not there yet!  We need your help to make the biggest possible impact right now.

Whether you’re 14 or 40, you have the power to decide what you want your life to look like. Easier said than done, maybe, but the effort is worth it. The entrepreneurial mindset is like an investment account; the earlier you create it, the bigger the payoff down the road.  Together we have an opportunity to give these young people an enormous advantage: to not only help them believe in the vision that they want to see, but to give them tools to create it. We really can’t do this alone. We need your help!

Give $50

$50 covers food for 2 students for the entire month of April, or program workbooks for 10 students. It would also free up our time to worry about other things (like training the volunteer Kenyan coaches and finalizing the schedules). By the way, any amount is important. Every amount makes a difference. Seriously, thanks.

Much love,

Leah (and Jonny!)
leah at gobefoundation dot org

And this is a note from me: I’d like to give my friend a sense of how much activity is happening through here, so if you could post a comment stating that you donated as well as how much was donated, then this would be a great way to tally up the sources from which people are helping. Remember that there is no pressure here as to how much to give. Every little bit counts. =)